HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC)– Authorities in Petersburg have recovered a van that was stolen from a Hopewell gas station earlier this month.

Nick Megariotis said his CARNIX work vehicle was stolen on Sunday, Dec. 4, while it was parked at a gas pump at the BP gas station on Oaklawn Boulevard. According to Hopewell Police, an officer responded just before 9:30 a.m.

Megariotis said he was in between construction jobs when he decided to stop for gas. He told 8News that he had gone inside the convenience store to pay for gas, wash his hands and buy a drink. He said a store employee told him someone was stealing his van. He ran outside and saw the suspect speeding off toward Petersburg.

Surveillance footage showed a man wearing a mask, black hoodie, black pants and gray tennis shoes walking in the truck’s direction while pushing a cart. He then picks up a black bag that was sitting in the cart and walks over to the back of the truck.

Megariotis says Petersburg authorities have now recovered the van from an abandoned field in Petersburg.

According to an email obtained by 8News, the stolen Ford van was recovered unoccupied. The vehicle had been painted over, along with the back two windows.

Megariotis said the van was in possession of Mabry’s Towing, and he has decided to accept it back from the impound yard. The van is on the way home.