HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) — Recovery is underway at a gas station and convenience store in Hopewell after a car smashed into the building and caught on fire.

Heavy flames could be seen at the Breez-In convenience store early Wednesday morning after a car slammed into the building.

According to Hopewell Fire and Rescue, Station 2 crews were alerted yesterday morning of a possible vehicle accident in the 5000 block of Oaklawn Boulevard.

All available Hopewell fire crews headed to the store and Exxon gas station at the scene. Prince George Fire crews also assisted. Companies were able to bring the fire under control and secure any potential disastrous hazards.

John Coonley is the district manager for Breez-In, a company that owns several convenience stores. Coonley told 8News he had just returned from vacation. He said he woke up just after 3 a.m. to an alarm on his phone.

(Photo: 8News’ Rachel Keller)

“I check it out and can’t see anything on the cameras. So I go get a shower, come back out, try to pull it up, and don’t see anything,” Coonley said. “Then I get a text message from the former manager here and he let me know there’s a car in the building.”

There is severe and significant damage left after the crash and fire. The building has burn marks, the electrical panel and safe are destroyed and parts of the ceiling are missing.

There’s a hole left in the building with dangerous wires dangling from the ceiling. “Your heart kind of just drops out of you,” Coonley said.

According to Coonley, this is the third time this has happened in his career at one of the convenience stores he manages, but this is the worst damage he’s seen.

(Photo: 8News’ Rachel Keller)

Hopewell police said the driver was traveling on Jefferson Park Road when they lost control and hit the building. The driver was not injured and was able to get out of the car.

The gas station and convenience store will be closed for some time. After the crash, the store was boarded up and blocked off with caution tape, and some debris was still on the ground.

“It’s kind of upsetting because you lose sales and profitability,” Coonley said.

Derrick Taylor is the manager of Car Wash City, the business next-door. Taylor told 8News he will lose money because the gas pumps are closed. Taylor said some of the car washes are bought from the pumps.

Managers said once they get the insurance adjusters out there, they’re probably going to end up gutting the building. They plan to reopen it with newer equipment.

“It’s crazy. First and foremost, though, I just hope everybody involved is okay,” Taylor said.

Hopewell police are investigating the cause of the crash.