PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — As winter approaches, with the temperatures dropping and snow just around the corner, some Petersburg residents are worried about power outages during increasingly extreme weather conditions.

Petersburg resident Talisa Thomas-Hall temporarily left her home about a month ago after a storm left her without power. She recalled a conversation she had with a family member prior to leaving.

“I’m going to stick this out in the morning,” Thomas-Hall had told her relative. “If you can’t reach me, you know my phone is dead, come get me, the power is still off.”

Thomas-Hall is worried about the vulnerability of electrical infrastructure in her Petersburg community.

“All it takes is the wind to blow and the electricity goes off,” she said.

It’s not unusual for older cities and towns to grapple with power outages. Thomas-Hall said her home experiences them frequently year-round.

“Winter is a harsh time to be without energy that provides heat — not only heat, but food sources for cooking warm food,” she said.

A spokesperson for Dominion Energy told 8News the company hasn’t seen anything out of the ordinary in Petersburg, in terms of power.

The spokesperson added that it’s normal for the company to address the most densely populated parts of the community first, after severe weather knocks out power in multiple localities. Therefore, the less populated communities may witness prolonged wait times for power restoration.

Dominion Energy also confirmed the company is actively working to reduce these wait times across the state through the “Strategic Underground Program.” This initiative is geared toward moving the most “outage-prone” overhead lines underground. However, this process is costly and accessibility is limited. Numerous factors go into determining which areas need the most immediate attention for these types of improvements, according to the company. Similarly, the company said they need to provide improvements to areas where the largest populations can benefit when addressing immediate concerns following severe weather interruptions.

Thomas-Hall hopes Petersburg will soon be on the list of communities to see enhanced efforts, and that other residents will view these outages as paramount concerns as temperatures continue to fall.

“They’re used to having sub-standard systems…and this is one of them,” Thomas-Hall said.

More information about how to deal with outages is available on Dominion Energy’s website.