PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — A detailed new plan for the future of Petersburg was launched on Monday at an event attended by Governor Glenn Youngkin and a group of state, local, community and faith leaders.

On Monday, Aug. 22, the Petersburg community came together to mark the launch of the Partnership for Petersburg. As part of the launch, Governor Youngkin, Mayor Sam Parham and a group of state, local, community, and faith leaders joined together to sign a series of commitment statements.

These statements outlined over 40 initiatives under six “pillars” that impact daily lives for the residents of Petersburg — education, health care, community safety, transportation, local business development and community relationship building. A full list of initiatives can be found here.

The launch of the program had many local and state leaders feeling hopeful for the city’s future.

“The Partnership for Petersburg is the right initiative at the right time for our City,” Petersburg Mayor Samuel Parham said. “Petersburg is at a turning point in history with the many economic development and community enhancement projects underway. Our City is positioned to capitalize on opportunities that will bring positive change for generations to come.”

“The Partnership for Petersburg is about togetherness,” Virginia Delegate Kim Taylor added. “Our beautiful city has the potential to be restored and reinvigorated. We must rise together for the goal of strengthening our community by partnering with each other, creating bipartisan solutions, and delivering on our promises.”

Youngkin expressed hopes not only for Petersburg, but for more Virginia cities to launch similar initiatives in the future.

“It is my sincerest hope to be able to point to the Partnership as a model for our work with other cities across the Commonwealth,” Youngkin said.