HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) — At least three families are out nearly $20,000 after falling victim to bad contractors.

The Parr family driveway is now partially black with tar. There are sticky pieces flaking up. If you put your finger on the driveway, you’ll have some of the sticky remnants on your hands. You can see the substance in the grass and in the road.

Kevin Parr is a resident who lives in a different locality but went to visit his mother last week.

Parr told 8News that, on Wednesday, Feb. 1, he went over to his mom’s house to work on her window. That’s when he noticed men spraying the driveway black.

“To say that I was furious would be an understatement,” Parr said. “From a distance, you’d say that’s an interesting concrete driveway that’s been asphalted over. It’s not interesting. It looks terrible.”

Parr says when he went over, he also noticed that it smelled like tar. He said he saw a few buckets in the back of the contractors’ truck. Parr said one bucket clearly read “roofing tar.” Parr said his mother was told the ending result would be the exact same color — a light gray — not black.

“I went inside, and I said mom, I think that these guys are tarring over your concrete driveway,” Parr said.

According to Parr, his father designed the driveway and put a lot of work into it. He said his father sealed it and it had to be power washed. It also had to be dry for a day or two prior to spraying a clear concrete sealant on top. Parr said it had rained the night before the men were doing work.

Screenshots from doorbell surveillance footage show a man with a beard and a yellow vest on Jan. 30. Another man is shown on Feb. 1, wearing glasses and a yellow vest as well.

The contractors allegedly stopped by several other homes and two other families paid money. Joe Concodora said they came by his home, but he declined the service.

Concodora told 8News, he had gone on a bike ride on Feb. 1. He said he came back and noticed the men doing the sealing job at Parr’s mother’s home.

“The one thing that stuck out my mind, particularly when I came around the corner, was that [it] smelled tar,” Concodora said.

According to Concodora, Parr looked distraught.

“It annoys me that these people would just take advantage of particularly older people that may not be too sharp mentally to realize what was happening to them,” Concodora said.

Parr says his mother paid the contractors $8,700 dollars.

“I’m astounded number one, that this guy could actually ask my 80-year-old mother to get in her car and drive to the bank and withdraw a substantial sum of money,” Parr said.

The family doesn’t have any identification for the men, just that they were driving a gray Toyota Tundra truck.

“There is no reputable contractor that is going to come knock on your door soliciting work,” Parr said. “The guys that do good work, they’re going to be referred to you by a friend. You’re going to see them advertised on TV.”

Now, neighbors want something to be done. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Hopewell Police Department.