PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — A Petersburg mother of seven is getting an extra special Christmas gift thanks to the Tri-Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Canitra Thompson, recently found herself evicted from her home. She lived in a motel room for half a year before moving in with her mother and stepfather, however, this was not a long-term solution for her family.

So, she was chosen by Habitat for Humanity’s Broughton House Project.

The lot the house will be built on was donated to Habitat for Humanity. Currently, an unsalvageable house sits on it, but it will be knocked down and a new one will be built in that spot.

The new home will have six bedrooms, two bathrooms and the mortgage payment will be $500 a month.

“I’m looking forward to a place that’s home,” Thomspon said.

On Monday, Sen. Joe Morrissey, along with other officials, gave a $30,000 check from Dominion to help with this project.

“I’ve known Habitat and their good doings for over three decades and they make magic happened,” Morrissey said.

Habitat will require Thomson to spend 300 hours building her home alongside the construction team and volunteers. She will also need to spend 100 hours working on the home of another family.