PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Residents in Petersburg are dealing with the aftermath of Saturday’s ice storm, which weighed down trees and power lines, leaving many customers without power.

Courtney Deramus said it was the worst winter weather she’s seen in decades.

“About 20 years ago, we had a really bad ice storm here,” she said. “It was really bad because it [the power] was out for like a week, and I just remember huddling in one room. We had the kerosene heater, all in one room.”

Deramus said the weather didn’t affect her home quite as much this time around, but she had a generator, just to be safe.

She first noticed her power went out Saturday afternoon. The outage lasted into the evening hours.

A tree fell during the ice storm and blocked a neighborhood road in Petersburg. (Photo: Olivia Jaquith)

“Once they got it back up last night, I thought we were good,” Deramus said. “It just went out again.”

Other than some fallen branches in her yard, Deramus said she was blessed that the damage wasn’t worse.

Just a short drive away, parts of the Dogwood Trace Golf Course were covered in debris from the storm. Though none of the larger trees fell on the green, golf carts were coated in a sheet of ice, and the roof was broken on one from a branch that had landed on top.

“Being a municipal golf course, the City will pool all of their insurance issues or potential insurance issues. So if we do end up filing a claim, we’ll wait and we’ll do that as we assess the entire City, if there’s enough damage to go that route,” Dogwood Trace Golf Course Manager Jamie Fagan said. “Otherwise, we’ll contact our leasing company. We’ll figure out what the damage is to that car, and we’ll make sure we get it repaired.”

Fagan said they are fortunate that the greens, which are the most delicate parts of the course, were not damaged by debris.

“We’ll clean up what’s already fallen and then we’ll look for damage. I mean, obviously, any time you have trees that lean heavily and feel the weight of the ice, there’s always a chance of, ‘Will they survive or not?'” Fagan said. “Then, we’ll kind of start assessing and seeing, ‘Okay, what are trees we need to watch for where we could see some death once the spring comes around?’ We’ll flag and mark those.”

A tree branch weighed down with ice fell through the roof of a golf cart parked nearby. (Photo: Olivia Jaquith)

Dogwood Trace Golf Course also filters the water from surrounding drains back into its ponds, so Fagan said those drains might need to be cleared of debris.

“Any time we have a winter storm, it’s mostly debris and limbs that fall here and there, not dissimilar to a lot of people’s front yards,” Fagan said. “Ours is on a little bit bigger scale.”

The golf course did lose power Sunday afternoon. Assuming power is restored Monday, Fagan said the cleanup effort will begin then.