HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) — A victim of an alleged kidnapping has been found after police say a man and a woman lured them from Richmond to Hopewell.

According to the Hopewell Police Department, on the night of Tuesday, Sept. 13, 64-year-old William Gardner of Hopewell and 42-year-old Amanda Muldez of Henrico persuaded a child to meet them in Richmond and travel with them to Hopewell. At one point, Gardner and Muldez prevented the victim from using their phone to contact police and family.

The victim began to feel unsafe while in Hopewell with Garner and Muldez and escaped when given the opportunity, according to police. Hopewell Police officers were called at around 9 p.m. and, with the help of the family, were able to find the victim.

Gardner and Muldez were arrested and charged with abduction and preventing the use of 911.

Police believe Gardner and Muldez have committed similar crimes in the past and are asking anyone who may have had similar encounters to contact local law enforcement. Anyone with information related to Gardner or Muldez is asked to call Hopewell Police at 804-541-2284.