PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (WRIC) — A woman is recovering after a car crashed into a doctor’s office in Prince George Thursday, pinning her between the car’s bumper and her work desk.

One Hopewell man said he helped two other men try to get that woman out from under all the debris and from her chair, where she was pinned up against the vehicle that had smashed into the office.

“It all happened in a split second,” said Brandon Hayes, who happened to be leaving work at the Crossroads Chrysler dealership Thursday when the accident happened.

Prince George Police Department spokesperson Alexis Grochmal confirmed officers responded to the crash at 4:06 p.m. Thursday.

The car demolished the ceiling and shattered the glass after driving through the Mid Atlantic Kidney Center at 4575 Whitehall Boulevard.

“It hit the curb, it hit the sidewalk, went airborne, went over the bush, went through the window of the doctor’s office,” Hayes said. He watched as the vehicle drove in reverse towards the doctor’s office. “I don’t even understand how the car got going that fast in reverse. It didn’t make sense.”

Once he made it to the scene, Hayes said someone told him the woman was trapped inside.

“She had maybe a two, three-foot space and her stomach was pinned by the car up against her desk and she was in the chair,” he said.

He ran with two other men to help save her, climbing through the nurse’s sliding glass window to get to the woman.

“Took out broken parts of the desk, broken ceiling, insulation, broken printers, chairs, everything that would be in an office,” he said, describing the scene.

Hayes said one of the two other men helping the woman had been visiting the office himself. The man was still bleeding from the crash.

“There was one gentleman in the waiting room, right where the car came through. The car missed him by a couple inches,” Hayes said.

PGPD confirmed the man wasn’t transported from the scene, but was checked out by medical personnel.

Hayes said he was just at the right place at the right time.

“No one needs thanks because karma is something I really, really believe in, and if this ever happens to me, then I hope somebody else would do the same thing,” he told 8News in an interview Saturday.

Hayes has been in contact with the family of the woman who thanked him and said she has been released from the hospital and is doing well.

PGPD said they don’t have any updates regarding the reason for the crash at this time.