HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) –In June 2022, a man and a woman were shot to death inside a vehicle in Hopewell. Now, the woman’s sister is making an urgent plea to see the killer brought to justice.

Ashley Horner told 8News that the last several months have been a nightmare.

“I just want the people that are involved to know this is horrible. Every day is worse than the day before,” she said. “If it wasn’t for my son, I wouldn’t wanna keep going.”

Horner says she now can’t sleep knowing that her sister’s killer is still out there.

“I had to see my sister laying there with a band-aid on her head,” she said.

In spite of everything, Horner says she still remembers what kind and joyful person her sister was.

“She was funny. She was country. She was a good mom,” Horner said. “If you didn’t like her she would make you like her.”

In the early hours of June 28, 2022, witnesses said the saw two cars speeding by their homes. Shots were fired from one vehicle that caused the other car to crash into a neighbor’s parked SUV. The shooter then got out of their vehicle, walked to the crashed car and shot the victims — later identified as 33-year-old Jerrell Lynwood and 35-year-old Amanda Horner — both died at the scene.

“I would’ve never thought in a million years that someone would take my sister like that,” Horner said.

Neighbors told 8News that the shooter drove away from the scene in a light-colored sedan with the lights off. Horner says she has heard nothing from police about any leads in the case.

“I understand they’re busy,” she said. “But something — something’s gotta happen.”

8News reached out to the Hopewell Police Department to see if there were any updates to the case. They responded with a statement, saying the case remains under active investigation.

“This is an open investigation and the assigned detective is actively working the case. The detective has been in contact with the family of both victims,” the statement reads. “Please express to the public that help from the community could assist in solving this case to provide closure to the family.”

Horner says she is going to continue pushing to make sure someone is held accountable for her sister’s death and other crimes like it.

“Every day somebody else is getting murdered. Babies are getting killed playing and it’s not fair,” Horner said. “Somebody needs to step in and stop it.”

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact the Hopewell Police Department at 804-541-2222.