CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Three weeks after a Shell Gas Station mistakenly put diesel fuel in its gas pumps, the transport company is taking responsibility and reimbursing impacted drivers.

In an email to 8News, the company, JCB Transport, admitted the fuel mix-up happened around noon on Nov. 23 and was not resolved until the next morning, which was Thanksgiving.

JCB Transport Vice President Elizabeth McCormick said the “on-road diesel and regular no-lead gasoline were mistakenly put into the incorrect holding tanks. As soon as the delivery mistake was discovered early on Nov. 24, 2022, the fuel pumps were immediately shut off, and JCB Transport removed the contaminated fuel from the tanks.”

However, by the time of the discovery, hundreds of drivers, like Grayson Ang, Shequita Sledge and Shana Casey had already pumped the contaminated fuel in their pumps and were facing major car problems.

“It would turn on, then turn right off. Then I tried to hit the gas and it would rev but turn off,” Ang said. “The next morning it wouldn’t start. So, I had it towed to a local mechanic, and they told me it was filled with diesel and I was like, ‘What? That’s impossible.’”

Sledge added that the situation was “unbelievable and horrifying. I wouldn’t wish this on nobody.”

8News received reports that the cost to drain the gas tank and repair the issue ranged from $800-$1,500. Casey said her repair costs totaled $1,467.75. Now, after reports of the mix-up, JCB is sending out checks to reimburse drivers.

McCormick said many of those who were impacted by this event have already had their claims resolved, and other claims are in the process of being reviewed. Ang received his check in six days.

Those who feel they have been affected by this incident should submit contact information to McCormick said all valid claims will be addressed with the “utmost urgency.”

Drivers impacted by this situation are asked to keep 8News updated by emailing Autumn Childress at