CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Thousands of members of a local church mourned the loss of their pastor on Friday.

Dr. Dimitri Bradley of City Church was killed in a car crash Wednesday night while coming home from service. People who knew Bradley have told 8News that he was a determined pastor whose message resonated with nearly everyone who heard it.

The love for Dr. Bradley was felt on Friday as many came out to pray and support one another through the difficult time at City Church.

“They called me and told me that he had an accident and he didn’t make it,” Terrance Jones, a minister at City Church, recalled. Minister Jones says Bradley was different than most.

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“He was a regular guy but he was just a strong guy in the lord and I think that’s why people connected with him so much,” Jones told 8News.

Lynell Foy’s journey with Dr. Bradley started in 2000 when there were only 30 members of the church.

“Entering into his second anniversary, church anniversary, when I joined the church,” Foy said.

Foy remembered a specific word Bradley gave years back.

“The Lord said, ‘today I need to teach about the God of the miraculous because someone today is going to go home and need to know that he’s still in the miracle healing business.’ And when he said that his body shifted towards me,” she told 8News. “I’m thinking in my mind, what’s getting ready to happen? And I had no idea.”

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Foy got shocking news about her son when she left church that day.

“He had cancer,” Foy said. Thirteen years later, Foy’s son is 22 years old and healthy.

“They said it was the worst cancer that anyone can get and he was healed by that word that Dr. Bradley gave,” Foy said, “and I’m forever indebted.”

While funeral arrangements for Dr. Bradley are still to come, services to honor his life are happening at both City Church locations, in Chesterfield and the East End, until 8 p.m.