RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Shoppers can expect to save on a few items, such as school supplies, for this years’ tax-free weekend.

From Friday, Aug. 5, until Sunday, Aug. 7, customers can take advantage of the state’s sales tax holiday and stock up on a variety of items.

With the school year right around the corner, parents and teachers can use this as an opportunity to skip paying sales tax on certain products — and save up to 5.3% to 7% on school supplies.

“The public really loves to come out and shop when they’re not paying the extra 5.3%…why not buy them and save that tax money when you have the chance to,” President and CEO of Saxon Shoes Gary Weiner said.

What’s more, the sales tax holiday applies to products beyond school supplies. There are also select emergency preparedness products and energy saving appliances included in the list of items available for purchased without sales tax. Check out a list of eligible items below.

Items available for purchase without sales tax