Ways to protect yourself from coronavirus while pumping gas

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Some drivers who need to fill up their gas tanks are being extra careful due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers at local gas stations are getting creative with how they pump their gas. One man named Ryan Henry used a paper towel to pick up the pump and then went inside to wash his hands.

“I took the paper towel just to be careful of any germs,” Henry told 8News on Monday. “It spreads very easily so I just want to protect myself. I’m probably going to go in and wash my hands even though I used a paper towel. It’s scary but some things we don’t have all control over.”

Dr. Danny Avula, the director of the Richmond and Henrico health districts, said when it comes to the spread of COVID-19, gas pumps are as much of a concern as any other public surface like a door handle.

Symoné Feazell, who keeps gloves, hand sanitizer and bleach in her car now, put on latex gloves to use the gas pump.

“I want to be safe. I have a severely autistic grandson and I’m around people all the time so I just want to be as germ free as possible,” she said. “I’ve starting wearing them [gloves] lately because you just touch something and it’s there. I just will be glad when this is all over and life goes back to what we once knew.”

According to Avula, the virus could potentially live on the surface for up to 24 hours. He said it is known that the novel coronavirus responds very well to environmental cleaning, making it imperative to frequently wash your hands and sanitize and clean surfaces.


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