RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Yet another student was found with a weapon at a local school Thursday morning, this time in Richmond.

This most recent occurrence marks at least the fourth time a Richmond or Chesterfield student has brought a weapon to school within about a month.

Richmond police said security personnel spotted a knife while searching bags at the entrance to Thomas Jefferson High School Thursday. The knife did not make it past the security point.

One day before, on Wednesday, Oct. 19, a student was found with a gun on L.C. Bird High School’s campus in Chesterfield.

The staff at L.C. Bird received information that the student in the bus loop area possibly had a weapon, and police found out the student had a handgun and magazine.

That makes the second time in a month a student has brought a weapon to L.C. Bird High specifically.

Last month, a 16-year-old was taken into custody after he brought a loaded magazine to school that was discovered during a fight.

At the beginning of October, a student was charged after they brought a gun to George Wythe High School in Richmond.

The Richmond Police Department is praising the school security personnel who found the knife at Thomas Jefferson High School. Police said the young man who was found with the weapon was taken into custody.