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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) –As Virginia schools are closed for the remainder of the year, local districts are releasing their plans for grading going forward. 

The Virginia Department of Education is issuing guidance to help divisions execute plans to continue instruction. The VDOE does not recommend grading work completed during the closures since schools are closed and many central Virginian districts won’t be. 


Richmond Public Schools said currently they are trying to figure out how to calculate grades for Marking Period 3 and will no longer use grades in Period 4. Elementary schools will use “S” if a student is successful and passes a class and “N” for needs improvement if they do not pass a class.

They will not be assigned a final grade at the elementary school level. Middle and High Schools will get an “E” for exempt if they have an assignment they still need to turn in. Students will be given a 50% for any assignment that was an “F.” Final grades will be calculated using the average of the grades for Marking Periods 1, 2, and 3, each making up 33% of the final grade.

Period 3 grades will be finalized by May 8, using the above guidelines for all grade levels.


Henrico County Public school officials say in most cases, students will be moving onto the next grade level. For middle and high school students in year long courses, an average of the first three school year quarters will be used for the final course grade. For current semester-long courses, the final grade will be calculated based on grades earned through March 13. Students in Semester 2 classes have the same option of completing recovery work.

Middle and high school students who wish to improve their grades can work with their teachers to improve grades between April 14 and April 24.  

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Chesterfield County Public Schools says it will not be grading new work assigned moving forward.

Here’s a breakdown of how final grades will be decided for middle and high school students: 70 percent for the first semester (or first two trimesters) and 30 percent for the third marking period (or third trimester). Grades will be posted for middle and high school student/parent review on “ParentVue” on May 15. If a student/parent wishes, they may request the final grade be converted from a letter grade (A, B, C, D) to a “P” for pass grade. A “P” grade will count for credit but not be a part of a student’s GPA calculation. The window for this decision is May 16-22.

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For middle and high school students, all students with a grade of 60 percent or higher on March 13, based on completed work as of that date, will receive a pass (P) for the class. Future grades will not be reported. Instead, all students will get a pass or fail at the end of the second semester.

Dinwiddie County Public Schools added, “We recognize that many students were counting on the next few months to improve their grades and meet their goals for the year. Therefore, teachers will be providing students with opportunities to complete missing work and/or provide alternative activities to increase the student’s grade.”

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Final grades will be calculated by averaging first, second, and third quarter grades. No grade for the fourth quarter will be calculated.

However, Hanover County Public Schools is requiring students to complete complete three “Meets Expectations/Does Not Meet Expectations” assignments for each course between April 13 and May 29. 

New instruction materials will be made available online and in paper packets on April 13.

The school district says this work is not intended to be completed all at once and will be used by teachers best evaluate a child’s readiness for the next grade. 

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