HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — With some local school boards approving virtual starts to the upcoming fall semester, parents may begin to wonder, “Which items will end up in the cart for this year’s back-to-school shopping?

Van-Neisha Johnson, the Community Engagement Coordinator for Henrico County Public Schools, says an open mind is necessary while considering what items to buy for your children.

“Thinking outside of the box is key this year as we go back to school, because you basically have to turn your kitchen or your living room into a classroom,” Johnson said. “Having the mindset and asking yourself, ‘What would my child need in the classroom? What would they have readily available to them in the classroom?’ Those are the things that you want to think about.”

Johnson added that every teacher’s list may vary, but she says getting your home close to a classroom setting is important to maintain the feel and energy of a normal school day.

“Your simple things like pencil sharpeners, folders to stay organized, hole punchers — things that typically teachers have ready for kids that you haven’t had to purchase before. Those are the types of things that you wanna pay attention to now,” Johnson said.

——-Click here for Henrico’s list of recommended school supplies——-

And Johnson encourages parents to still capture these new first day of school memories.

“How you dress definitely plays a huge part in how you show up,” Johnson said. “If you want, go back to school shopping. Get a couple of outfits. Take those pictures on the front porch — let’s create this environment.”

She says this is a time your kids will always remember, so she encourages parents to make the best of the situation — no matter the circumstances.


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