Spooky Season is here and we are all looking forward to Halloween festivities. But what costumes can you wear according to the weather? Will it be perfect trick or treating weather? Will you need a few extra layers at night or during the day?

We may not have a crystal ball to know exactly what will happen on the spookiest day of the year, but we can look at the history and see what some possibilities may be. But, don’t worry, once we get within a week or so, stay tuned to your local meteorologist to know exactly what to expect on Oct. 31, 2021.

Looking at the past 10 years (2010-2020) the temperatures on Halloween have been around 66 degrees during the day and around 43 degrees at night. It has only rained two years out of the past 10 years, which were 2011 and 2019.

The coolest years on Halloween have been 2012 and 2020 with 56 degrees as a daytime high and the coldest night fell in 2011 with 31 degrees as our low. The warmest Halloween was in 2019 with a daytime high of 82 degrees.

The lowest daytime high on record is 45 degrees in 1925 and the lowest low on record is 23 degrees in 1936.

We have never had a significant snow event on Halloween in Richmond on record. There was a trace of snow record in 1925, which means there may have been a dusting at the time but that is it.

After looking at the data, we still can’t say for sure what may happen on Oct. 31, because forecasts for a specific day, several weeks out, are not accurate.

Vaguely comparing data to what we may see looking at the averages and history, Halloween is a typically dry day only averaging a tenth of an inch on record and over the past 10 years, only two years we’ve seen rain. Also according to the past 10 years, it’s typically a pretty nice day averaging out to the mid to upper 60s with lows averaging in the lower 40s, so a jacket may be needed at night.

Long story short, you’ll have to wait closer to Halloween to see what the weather forecast will be, but historically we have had nice weather on Halloween. Stay “Spooky” my friends!