RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia gas prices hit another all-time high this week, plateauing just above last week’s record as the switch to Summer fuels hits customers at the pump.

Gas prices in Central Virginia now average $4.27 a gallon, a small bump of 4 cents from last Monday’s $4.23. That also puts Richmond 4 cents below the current state average of $4.31.

Data from GasBuddy shows that prices in Central Virginia and the Tidewater are nearly identical, but cheaper gas can be found out West in the Roanoke Valley. It’ll come as no surprise that the most expensive gas in the commonwealth can be found in Northern Virginia, where prices are as high as $4.74 a gallon in some areas.

Gas Prices across Virginia. (Chart courtesy of GasBuddy)

If you’re looking for cheap gas in Central Virginia, then look to the South: Prince George County currently has the lowest prices in the region, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

While prices have leveled out somewhat since the beginning of May, the start of this week still signals another broken record. The sudden climb, which came after a months-long slide from a previous peak in March, may be due to the yearly switch to “summer-blend” fuels.

Records show the face value of regional gas prices is now above a previous record set in 2008, although when adjusted for inflation the previous record still stands.

The alternative blend, which is sold from May 1 to September 15, is designed to reduce pollution from fuel evaporation during the warm summer months. President Biden introduced some exceptions to that requirement this year in an effort to drive down fuel prices, but the exception only applies to a small number of Virginia stations.