Mechanicsville man is a living miracle

Lindsey Ward - Anchor, WSLS - MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WSLS 10) - A Virginia family will get to celebrate Mother's Day 2016. It's another happy and healthy holiday they'll not take for granted.

Almost two years ago, their son Grayson Kirby experienced a miracle, one that left an entire team of doctors at UVa Medical Center astonished.

In June of 2014, Grayson's parents got a call he was in an accident riding in a demolition derby car.

"I remember getting in the car and I remember us tearing out of there," Grayson said. "From there I don't remember anymore."

A friend, who was driving, flipped the car and Grayson's body was thrown out onto the ground.

Not breathing, he was airlifted to UVa Medical Center.

Karen and Wayne Kirby recall the frantic moments heading to the hospital that early morning.

"As we were headed out the door he grabbed me at the door and said I don't know what we're getting into, but it's not looking good.  We need to stop and pray, so we did." Karen said. "We stopped at the back door and asked God to help us please face whatever we were about to face."

Their son's survival was so uncertain as the mother and father made their way from Mechanicsville to Charlottesville hospital staff called several more times asking how much longer they would be.

"When we walked into the ICU waiting room three doctors met us and they told us it was our worst fear. It was extremely bad and his chances of survival were grim," Karen explained.

What the Kirbys would hear next is enough to make many parents lose hope.

Grayson had a broken neck, back, clavicle, scapula, eight or nine broken ribs, a punctured liver, both lungs had collapsed and his kidneys were shutting down.

In a desperate attempt to save his life the doctor had a final idea.

"He said I would like to put him on what they call the ECMO machine. It's like a heart lung bypass and it's used for adults that are having transplant operation or it's used for children, but doesn't work in adult trauma, but it's the only thing we have left," she recalled.

Karen says Grayson died twice as doctors tediously hooked his body up to the machine only to be revived.

However, the machine played a crucial role in keeping him alive for the first five days.

Grayson's body showed small signs of improvement, but what a brain MRI showed was a different story - a story that tested their faith unlike anything before.

"They told us if he ever woke up it would be several months and they couldn't tell us if they would be anything there and I remember looking at him and saying you mean he could be a vegetable even after all this we've been through, he's surviving, and you mean he could be a vegetable."

On top of a number broken bones and damaged organs Grayson's brain suffered strokes and hemorrhages.

Doctors say, he basically had shaken baby syndrome.

As their son lay in a hospital bed with tubes and equipment hooked up to almost every inch of his body the Kirybs told the doctor despite the bleak outlook they would continue to believe.

"He said Mrs. Kirby it's going to take a miracle.  She said we believe in the one who can perform miracles," Wayne said. "From the beginning we turned it over to God and God kept showing us all along the way I've got it, I've got it, trust in me, I have it."

Believe they did - Improve Grayson did.

At this point thousands of people were following on Facebook and praying for a miracle.

Ten days after the accident Grayson opened his eyes for the first time and mouthed to his father the words - I love you.

"You could hear the doctors out in the hallway and you could just hear them say things like, 'I can't believe this,'" Karen said.

To the complete shock of a team of doctors after six weeks at UVa Medical Center Grayson was discharged from the hospital and moved to rehab.

He faced a long road to recovery, learning to walk again and how to move his arms.

He never gave up and they didn't quit praying.

Three months after the accident Grayson was once again driving farm equipment.

"I'm humble, I'm grateful, just amazed it where I was and where I am now," Grayson said.

He made a full recovery except limited movement in his left foot. It's a minor issue he's learned to overcome.

Grayson is alive and well, often wondering - why?

"I know that God save me. I know that prayer and believing saved me," Grayson explained.

"I have reflected many, many times and I just can't remember a time from the beginning, from stopping at the door to turn it over to God, I cannot remember a time of doubting I just believed, I just believed," Wayne recalled.

They believed their son would climb out of a hospital bed into his truck again, smiling from ear to ear.

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