When Amanda Collado first met her cat Sam, she didn’t notice that there was something special about him right away.

“It was actually a friend of mine who noticed that Sam had eyebrows,” said Collado, of New York City. “After a brief stint on Reddit, people started comparing him to Martin Scorsese and Groucho Marx.”

Soon, Collado created an Instagram account for Sam where with over 150,000 followers, the feline became an instant celebrity.

“His personality is nearly like that of a dog; all he wants to do is play,” she said. “If you leave a hand hanging over the arm of the sofa, he’ll be sure to find it and give you a quick tap to let you know that he’s ready for you to play with him.”

Some believe Collado may have dyed Sam’s fur, but she said that his brows are in fact legitimate.

Collado has plans to create “Sam merchandise” for his Internet fans to purchase sometime in the future.