RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — An intelligence report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, commonly referred to as UFOs, is due to Congress next month, weeks after widespread renewed interest in the unexplained sightings.

Gone are the days of the US government scoffing at the idea of UFOs. Military personnel increasingly say they have seen the moving images in the sky; prompting a report ordered by Congress.

“Look at that thing, it’s rotating,” one service member said when looking at a unidentified object flying off the Florida coast in 2015; the Pentagon labeled the sighting as “Gimbal.”

UAP sighting titled ‘Gimbal’ by U.S. military personnel

US military video and radar have documented the phenomenon and some video taken in recent years has been released by the Department of Defense.

“Oh my gosh, man. Wow! What is that man?” Look at it fly,” another service member said of the ‘Go Fast’ sighting off the Atlantic Coast.

U.S. lawmakers like Virginia Senator Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, want answers.

In a statement Friday, Sen. Warner said “Virginia is home to one of the largest naval bases in the world and to thousands of service members. While the report has not yet been made public, it is my hope that it can provide answers if our naval pilots encounter interference performing their duties. Addressing any risks that can endanger their lives whether on a mission or during training must remain a priority.”

Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Richmond Jack Singal says it’s important to separate conspiracy from unidentified aerial phenomenon.

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence…” Singal said. “The conspiracy theories come in when we say things like, ‘well, aliens have visited earth and the government is hiding the evidence of the alien bodies themselves or direct spacecraft or real encounters with people who’ve been abducted.'”

However, Singal said the potential for other intelligent life to exist in the galaxy is a possibility

“This kind of interstellar space travel would be something that would take thousands of millions of years. And so we would have to imagine a civilization that is much more advanced than ours,” he said.

“One of the things that has changed–I received a classified briefing on this so I can only give you the top line–is that the military has seen enough things where they are actually now encouraging pilots to report. If there are objects flying over military installations, that could pose a security threat” Sen. Warner said last July.

The U.S. UAP intelligence report is due next month; no telling what it may detail.