PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (WRIC)— The death of a worker at the Perdue Farms plant in Prince George has a mother searching for answers.

Prince George police confirmed 22-year-old Eugene Fuller Jr., of Hopewell, died after a heavy object fell on him at work. He was a forklift operator in Perdue’s freezer for two years.

“He loved driving that forklift. He felt like he was going to be in management one day,” said Fuller’s mother, Carmela Fuller.

They said it was a pallet, a part attached to a moving vehicle that transports heavy items, that fell on him. 

His mother received a call from one of his co-workers around 1 a.m. Friday telling her that he had been hurt. After that call, she didn’t know how severe the injuries were. Fuller says she never received a phone call from any managers at the Perdue plant.

“Maybe a broke arm or maybe a broken leg. They’re going to put a Band-Aid on him and they’re going to send him home…” she said. “I didn’t know that my son was going to be gone forever.” 

He was taken to the Southside Regional Medical Center where he later died.

Fuller spoke with her son before he headed into work that day. He told her he was looking forward to buying a new car. She shared that her son was a quiet, laid back and hard-working man who loved playing the drums.

On her first Mother’s Day without him she held onto her fondest memories of her son.

“‘Happy Mother’s Day’ – I never received that phone call on Sunday. That is the hardest. This is going to be a hard year,” she said. “Every time Mother’s Day come around it’s going to be hard for me.”

She’s planning a celebration of life service for Eugene Fuller Jr. on Monday, May 17.