CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Have you ever seen a white deer? A Chesterfield County resident spotted one in the Woodlake area last week.

The Department of Wildlife Resources explained that there are two varieties of white deer; piebald deer — which range from having a slight amount of white hair to almost fully white coats, with brown eyes and black hooves — and true albino deer, which are entirely white, with pink eyes and white hooves.

The piebald condition is an inherited genetic trait, according to the Department, which is often associated with harmful conditions, including deformities of the skeletal system and internal organs.

Piebald deer are rare, typically occurring at less than one percent of the population and are not under any special protection by regulation by the Department of Wildlife Resources. The Department does not recommend these animals be protected.

Albino deer, however, are normal, except they lack the gene for color and are rare. Albino deer are also not under any special protection and are not recommended to be protected by the Department.

White deer spotted in Woodlake area of Chesterfield County, sent in on Friday, Sept. 22 (Photo: Michael Wright)

The above deer spotted in Chesterfield County appears to have pink eyes and white hooves, which likely means it is an albino deer. The deer was seen amongst other fawns near a tree line.

Despite the allure of such a rare animal, residents in the area should be aware that feeding deer is illegal in numerous counties throughout the state.

Anyone looking to learn more about deer can find information on the Department of Wildlife Resource’s website.