BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Thursday’s GOP debate in Detroit had everything from name-calling to mocking.

Ryan Lysek, a fifth grader at Buffalo Public School #72, Lorraine Elementary, said they were bullying.

Lysek is a politician himself; he’s the Vice President of the Student Council. He told News 4 he ran his campaign a lot differently than what he’s seen from the GOP front runners.

He’s always away from being able to cast a ballot, but Lysek hasn’t been too impressed with what he’s heard from debates.

In the fight for the oval office, all he can really recall are the low blows and personal jabs.

“Somebody saying Donald Trump has a fake tan and he has fake hair,” Lysek recalled.

The school started a Bully Free Campaign four years ago to honor Williamsville student Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide after being bullied in school.

As Vice President of Student Council, Lysek plays an important role in the campaign; he leads by example. He said none of the GOP front runners are exhibiting much leadership by name-calling.

“If kids were to see them, they have a chance of wanting to be like them. So then they think that they have the right to be mean towards each-other,” he said.

American voters seem to be as disillusioned as Lysek; a recent Gallup poll shows that the personal attacks in recent weeks are driving the image of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz down.

“If you’re going for the highest position of government and leadership in the United States you should be leading by example instead of bullying each-other to get in that position,” said Lysek’s teacher Kelly Gasior.

Lysek has some advice for the GOP contenders: stick to the issues.

“Start treating each other better,” he added.

This is the fourth year Lorraine Elementary has been participating in the Bully Free Campaign.

There’s a 5K to support the cause in May.

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