STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Temporary traffic lights on Route 17 near Interstate 95 in Stafford are set to be activated in mid-November.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, the traffic lights will direct drivers entering and exiting I-95 at Route 17 (exit 133).

Monday, Nov. 14, the lights will begin to flash to give drivers a change to adjust to them and on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 16, the lights will become fully operational.

Once the lights go into full operation, the following traffic changes will be put in place:

  • All I-95 northbound traffic exiting to Route 17 northbound and southbound at exit 133 will use a single exit ramp.
  • Exiting traffic traveling to Route 17 Business (Warrenton Road) toward Falmouth will use a right turn lane on the exit ramp.
  • Exiting traffic traveling to Route 17 northbound will use dual left turn lanes on the ramp.
  • To enter I-95 northbound from Route 17 southbound, motorists will enter dual left turn lanes controlled by a new traffic signal.

Message boards will be posted in the area in order to make drivers aware of these changes, as well as the new lights.

The lights will be coordinated with more lights at adjacent intersections on Route 17. Traffic will be closely monitored in the area and the timing of the lights will be adjusted in order to reduce delays on Route 17 and the interstate.

The new lights are part of the I-95 Northbound Rappahannock River Crossing Project, which includes rebuilding the Route 17 overpass over I-95 and building a second I-95 North bridge over the Rappahannock River. A sidewalk will also be built on Route 17 between Short Street and South Gateway Drive.

Once the project is finished, which is expected to happen in the spring of 2024, the new traffic lights will become permanent.