PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Some residents of Prince William County have received a letter from “Federa Tax Authorities,” which the county now warns residents is a scam they should disregard.

According to a Facebook post by the county, several residents received a letter claiming to be a “distraint warrant” from the Prince William County “Tax Processing Unit.” The letterhead appears official, and threatens the recipient with the loss of their wages, bank accounts and property if they don’t resolve a fictitious tax debt.

Example of a scam letter sent to Prince William County residents. (Courtesy of Prince William County)

“Prince William County Tax Administration would like to let anyone who receives this letter know we did not send it and to disregard it,” the county wrote.

The scam is one that has been tried nationwide, and law firms say that in reality, the IRS does not use anything called a distraint warrant at all.

If you received a scam letter, you’re asked to call the United States Postal Inspection service at 1-877-876-2455 or visit