SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office will no longer provide security at local school board meetings, citing concerns over freedom of expression for county citizens.

The sheriff’s office confirmed the authenticity of a letter that was hand-delivered to the school board offices on Wednesday, Sept. 14, which states that beginning on Oct. 14, sheriff’s deputies will no longer provide security at school board meetings.

“Our deputies on numerous occasions have been put in a position to side with one or more members regarding ‘disruptive’ citizens,” Sheriff Roger Harris wrote.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies have been called on by board members to perform actions that may interfere with fundamental rights of county residents.

“It is the Sheriff’s opinion that our Deputies have been put in situations on numerous occasions that go above and beyond the normal scope for security of public meetings,” Major Troy Skebo wrote in a statement to 8News. “To include freedom of expression and participation in the public hearings.”

The letter does state that the sheriff’s office will continue to respond to emergency situations.

View the full letter from Spotsylvania Sheriff roger Harris to the school board below: