PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — This week, Prince William County police discovered that one of the the two men who had been arrested for a recent armed robbery at a Woodbridge hotel had not given his real identity to police.

On Aug. 25 at approximately 10 a.m., officers on duty in the 13900 block of Richmond Highway came across a group of men fighting. When the officers went to investigate, they learned that one of the men had been involved in an armed robbery earlier that morning at the Potomac Inn. After the suspect initially tried to run away, he was taken to the ground by a bystander and arrested soon after.

Officers learned on Aug. 31 that one of the suspect involved in the robbery had provided false identifying information to police at the time of arrest.

According to police, the accused falsely identified himself as Raquelle Darris Johnson when he was taken into custody on Aug. 25. He has now been correctly identified as 35-year-old Lawrence Dawntai Johnson.

Prince William County officers consulted with the Commonwealth Attorneys, and have since obtained arrest warrants for Lawrence Dawntai Johnson and plan to dismiss the charges against Raquelle Darris Johnson.

Lawrence Dawntai Johnson is now wanted for robbery, forging a public record and false identification to law enforcement.

One other man, identified as Phillip Edward Douglas, was previously arrested in connection to the armed robbery at the Potomac Inn.