RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Republican Bob Good hopes to succeed Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), the GOP incumbent he defeated in a hotly contested nominating convention in June, and maintain the party’s control over Virginia’s 5th Congressional District seat.

Good, who describes himself as a “biblical conservative,” previously served on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors and was an athletics official at Liberty University in Farmville.

While the Republican nominee took out the incumbent, he is in a tight race with Democratic Cameron Webb, a 37-year-old doctor and lawyer. Fundraising reports show Webb with a substantial cash advantage over Good in their race for the U.S. House seat, a traditionally Republican district that is regarded as a toss-up this election season.

Hillary Clinton won Virginia by more than five percentage points in 2016 but President Trump carried the 5th District by 11 percentage points and Riggleman won with 53.2% of the vote in the 2018 midterms. A Democrat has not won the seat since Tom P. S. Perriello narrowly defeated Republican Virgil H. Goode by less than 800 votes in 2008.

Good spoke with 8News about his views on the Trump administration’s pandemic response, targeted coronavirus relief, his conservative views, representing all residents in the district and the top priorities for voters.

You can find and watch his responses, including edited and condensed excerpts, below:

Discussing the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic

“I think on balance, the president has done a solid job on it. You know, it’s hard to say anybody can do a perfect job on something. I certainly wouldn’t say that when you’re trying to play Monday morning quarterback with something that has never happened before, but I’m very much in the camp that having been said that now that we have learned, and we understand what the risks are, we now understand who’s at greater risk that we’ve got to safely reopen the economy, safely get folks back to work, safely get kids back in school.”

On how Congress has helped and his support for targeted coronavirus relief

“I think it’s unfortunate from a congressional standpoint when the politics has entered into it as it so unfortunately does in so many cases. The first packages that were approved, the $3 trillion total that was approved. It’s unfortunate, from my standpoint that it was more of a scatter gun approach. It wasn’t as specific, or as targeted as it could have been to those most impacted by the pandemic.” 

“In other words, uh, it was based on the $1,200 relief checks were based purely on 2019 income so that you and your wife, uh, if you, if a married couple, uh, might’ve both lost your jobs because of the pandemic, because of the shutdown, but you made too much money in 19 and you got no relief checks in 2020.”

Sharing his conservative values and the campaign’s approach to reach all voters in the 5th District

“I think people respect when you’re a person of conviction, you’re a person of integrity. You’re a person of principle. None of us agree with anyone all the time. I’ve been married 32 years. I don’t agree with my wife all the time. I’m wrong sometimes of course, but, uh, I think people respect when they know you have conviction. You have principle. They trust you. They know that you’re honest and have integrity, even if they don’t agree with you on everything.” 

“However, I think in this race, it’s very clear that the majority of voters will vote based on the Trump economic principles, the low taxes, the deregulation, the job growth, the low unemployment, the millions who’ve come off of food stamps, the millions who have been moved out of poverty. They’re going to vote on issues.” 

What do you consider to be the top priorities in the 5th District and in Virginia?

“Law enforcement, public safety, law and order is another point of great distinction. People want to be safe and secure. And that is the number one role of government is to keep us safe and secure.”

“Safety and security, supporting law enforcement, law and order would be a top issue. Recovering from the virus, getting folks back to work, back to school.”

“Safely reopening our economy and then continuing the strong Trump economic policies.”


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