• Name: Alissa Baldwin
  • Age: 42 
  • Years in public service: Zero in elected office, 16 in public schools as a teacher leader
  • City/County of residence: Lunenburg County
  • Party affiliation: Republican
  • Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Tell us about your top three legislative priorities and why they are important to you and your constituents.


Education reform is important to me and the American people because it reflects opportunities to prepare the next generation for their version of success and living the American Dream.  Authority for education resides with parents, who are the first teachers any child has.  The constitutional power for education resides with the states and not the federal government.  I support school choice and as someone in the trenches of public school teacher life, I will absolutely advocate for our public schools to have less federal government “red tape” regulations and revise the funding formulas as well as accountability processes for schools.  Our children deserve an equitable quality experience in PreK-12 education.

Healthcare reform, including lowering prescription drug costs and increasing mental health resources, is vitally important to the wellbeing of our nation.  Citizens need someone who is unafraid to tackle real problems faced by real people, putting aside partisanship for the greater good. I have witnessed the perils of pre-hospital care in rural America firsthand as a volunteer EMT for a decade.  The conversations with voters who face a decision to pay their electric bill or get their monthly prescription of a lifesaving drug are far too many. The suffering in silence which has resulted in hopelessness and greater incidents of suicide are simply unacceptable.  I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I know that we can do better than weak attempts at reform or forcing universal healthcare when it is not the right solution from a medical and economic standpoint.  Coverage for pre-existing conditions, interstate competition, free market enterprise, transparency of costs, more American supply chains for pharmaceuticals, less federal government regulation on affordable drugs with proven scientific benefits, more counselors in communities and schools are just some of the ideas we can put into legislation as a priority for lasting change and better health for Americans.

Supporting pro-life legislation is absolutely a priority for me and constituents because life is a fundamental right and we must champion the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.  Defunding Planned Parenthood is a must.  Investing in community pregnancy centers and adoption programs via federal grants helps protect the innocent unborn from the abortion industry’s attacks on our families.  Many constituents who are pro-choice still do not support late-term abortions or want to see medically sound protections disregarded (ex: ultrasounds, 24-hour waiting period).  Supporting the “right to try” legislation is equally valid in advocating for life as a matter of public policy. 

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