• Name: Qasim Rashid
  • Age: 37
  • Years in public service: No prior experience in elected office, but over a decade practicing human rights law, advocating for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse, advocating for children from vulnerable communities, and protecting the religious rights of persecuted Christians and Jews.
  • City/County of residence: Stafford
  • Virginia congressional district: 1st
  • Party affiliation: Democrat
  • Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Tell us about your top three legislative priorities and why they are important to you and your constituents.


Folks in Virginia’s first district are struggling with access to quality healthcare, access to high-speed broadband internet and increasing income inequality and lack of a living wage. As congressman, I will work to pass legislation that ensures that broadband access is treated as a utility and that the federal government empowers municipalities to provide this critical service, while making the necessary investments to provide high speed broadband to rural and underserved communities; support efforts to pass Medicare For All guaranteeing healthcare access for all Americans; and raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour, to protect workers with the prevailing wage requirement on government contracts, and to remove bad actors who undermine the integrity of union and non-union contractors. This is how we can improve the lives of Virginians and make sure that our working families are being supported and advocated for.

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