Curbside voting available for people with disabilities or those over 65

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Chesterfield County’s voting options are just an example of how localities across Central Virginia are using their resources to ensure everyone has a chance to vote.

The Virginia Department of Elections lists three different options of how you can cast your ballot rather than voting in-person on Election Day: 

And Susan Beals, Chairman of Chesterfield County Electoral Board, said that curbside voting minimizes the spread of the coronavirus for a particular group of voters that are more vulnerable to the disease.

“It’s been particularly helpful for our older residents and our handicap residents,” Beals said. “And those who may have had a fall or broken a leg, they don’t have to sit this election out. They can come in-person responsibly.”  

While Beals said she understands why some voters would prefer to vote curbside, there are requirements that qualify voters to use the service. 

“We do ask that you be over 65 or have some sort of disability, that’s who it’s for,” Beals explained.  

Although curbside voting has been available in Chesterfield County before this year’s election, the pandemic created the need for curbside voting today more than ever.   

“We’ve seen a lot more of our residents taking advantage of curbside voting this year, especially at our early polling locations,” she said.

Curbside voting will continue to be an option for voters throughout Election Day. 

“It will be available at all 80 of our precincts,” Beals said. “So, you just pull up in front somebody should be outside, and they will come and help you and everyone who’s in your car.” 

Beal wanted to reassure voters of how simple the curbside voting process is.

She also shared how Chesterfield County is doing things a little differently this year with their curbside poll workers.

“We have dedicated staff whose job it is to stay outside all day and just serve those members of our voting population,” Beals said. 

Beals acknowledged where voters who plan on voting curbside should park when they arrive at the polling site. 

“Most polling locations you can just pull up front here at the registrar’s office,” she said. “We have four parking spots right in the front that has orange cones that say curbside voting.” 

For more information on accessible voting, visit Virginia Department of Elections website. 


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