ETTRICK, Va. (WRIC) — With less than four days until the 2020 election, a new poll from Virginia State University (VSU) shows Black Virginia voters are not pleased with the current state of politics in the commonwealth.

The newly developed John Mercer Langston Institute (JMLI) for African American Political Leadership at VSU released their findings from their Black Virginia Voters 2020 Poll.

The poll was available on VSU’s website and participants of the study were Black voters, ages 18-60+, with various educational backgrounds from all across the state. The results from the poll showed that most African American voters are ready to see a change in Virginia politics.

The findings show that Black voters in Virginia strongly believe that the needs of their people aren’t being heard on the local, state and federal levels. Only 24 percent of those who participated in the poll agreed or strongly agreed that Black issues are directly being addressed by their elected officials in the General Assembly.

According to the poll, Black Virginians make up a little more than 19 percent of the total population, and arguably, African Americans are the most reliable constituency group within the Democratic party.

The report showed 97 percent of participants of the study said that the candidates they supported in the past were Democrat. More than 20 percent identified themselves as Independent or with no affiliated political party.

In order for the majority of Black voters in the commonwealth to feel included, more Black elected officials need to be in the General Assembly, the poll determined.

JMLI said the Black Virginia Voters Poll shed light on the current views of Black voters in the state. However, JMLI said the work is not finished and will host an event that will address an array of topics such as:

  • How to run for office
  • Policy analysis
  • The role of local and state government
  • Research in the political field
  • Networking opportunities for African Americans in the political field

For more information on the poll and event visit Virginia State University’s website. 


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