HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Today is the last day for early voting in Virginia, and Central Virginia residents have turned out in mass to do just that.

Henrico County says as of Oct. 28 they already had over 60,000 voters cast ballots at their county office. In addition to in-person early voting, they have received nearly 50,000 applications by mail.

The daily early voting totals from Henrico’s Registrar.

Tyrone Nelson of Henrico’s Board of Supervisors says the turnout is impressive. Nelson says at “3:30 on Thursday we had 48% of our registered voters in Henrico who already voted. At the end of the day we should be somewhere between 55-60% already voted.”

The line of people waiting to vote stretched all around the building until the Registrar’s office closed at 5 p.m.

Henrico’s General Registrar, Mark Coakley, says he expects a busy day on Election Day despite the high early voting numbers. “The polls open at 6 a.m., close at 7 p.m., so there’s plenty of time to vote on Tuesday if you haven’t voted in the last 45 days,” Coakley said.

Here’s a look at the line outside the Western Government Center on Parham Road in Henrico County:

Some voters even dressed up in Halloween costumes to cast their ballots. A woman wearing a lady-bug costume told 8News, they waited to vote until Saturday because they didn’t have time to wait in the long line during the week. She said she dressed up this morning and figured she would just take as much time as needed and bring some smiles with her costumes.

World Central Kitchen spent the last two weekends at the Registrar’s Office handing out free food to voters. On Saturday they ran out early due to the amount of people who showed up to vote.

An employee with the kitchen says “this has been the most people that have been here, by far. If I had known then we would have prepared more. When I got here and I saw the line was already twice as long as it has been the last two weekends I was like uh-oh.”

The Chesterfield Registrar’s office tells 8News that lines have been steady throughout the day. Here you can see people waiting to vote early:

Voters just dropping off their ballot can skip the line in Chesterfield. (Photo Dean Mirshahi)

8News reporter Tyler Thrasher was out in Henrico Saturday taking videos at the registrar’s office. Check out what voters have to say!


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