RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – While the race for the White House has been called for Joe Biden, President Donald Trump supporters gathered in downtown Richmond calling for a more transparent election process.

“We need to stop the steal of our presidential election,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Senator Amanda Chase said.

Republican Senator Amanda Chase addresses the crowd Saturday.

The protest came in response to President Donald Trump’s claims–without evidence–that illegal ballots are contributing to former Vice President Joe Biden’s late comeback in some swing states.

Supporters gathered outside the state board of elections building.

“I think this is giving people an outlet to express their frustration with the process we’ve been handed,” Chase said. “We need an audit – then we will know whether or not these suspicious of fraud are true or not.”

Chase claimed issues at the local level.

Supporters gathered outside the State Board of Elections building Saturday.

“I’ve talked to people who worked on Election Day, who are elected officials, who want to meet with me and tell me about the concerns about lack of checks and balances,” Chase said.

Supporters came in from across the Commonwealth.

“Me and one of my friends came out from Virginia Beach because we honestly feel like that every ballot should be counted equally and fairly,” Angel Vandegrift said.

Delegate John McGuire adds that a fair election is wanted on all sides.

“Free and fair elections – whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, we all want that,” McGuire said.


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