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Tracey Mclean

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Tracey McLean, a small business owner, is one of five candidates hoping to be chosen as Richmond’s mayor for the next four years.

McLean’s platform has been focused on providing financial transparency, informing city residents and unifying communities. She has shared support for a monthly stipend for city residents but has not provided further details, including how the city would fund the proposal, on her campaign’s website.

The Richmond native’s campaign has failed to garner much financial backing, taking in less than $2,000 in a race that has seen the incumbent raise a little over $1 million.

8News asked each Richmond mayoral candidate the same set of questions ahead of the election, including whether they would consider asking for the reintroduction of coronavirus restrictions if cases spike in the city, about their vision to help improve Richmond Public Schools, how they think the city’s police department handled protests this summer and why residents should vote for them. 

McLean’s answers, each with a 300-word limit, can be found below.

Why should voters choose you over your opponents? 

The voters should choose me over my opponents because I genuinely care about the people. I care about our community. I will do what I set out to do! I will achieve true equity We will achieve real equality in the City of Richmond together. I am not just talking about it. I will be about it! I will be about it.

What do you consider to be Richmond’s top priority and how do you propose the city should address it?

We are in a pandemic everyone’s safety and well being. Making sure we are all taking the proper precautions. Making sure we have the proper supplies, that our hospital is stocked. That we are educated to know the symptoms and preventive measures. That we have enough food available for our community. That we are making sure everyone’s housing is secure. also making sure everyone is in compliance.

How would you evaluate Richmond’s response to the coronavirus pandemic? With a possible second wave on the horizon, if elected, would you consider asking Gov. Northam to impose restrictions if cases increase in the city? 

Yes, we must offer a quick response to saves live and we must be proactive now. We must be proactive TODAY!

How would you further reform policing in the city? What’s your assessment on how the Richmond Police Department handled protests in the city during the summer? 

I will economize and rebuild the police. I will add a Mental heat and a social crisis unit to each precinct. All police will have to go through three assessments and training. All police will be held accountable. I will push to reopen the Marcus David Peters case as soon as possible.

I feel that because the response to the events was handle too late. The police were called to do things out of desperation. Some of the police were acting out of line and for that, they should be handled. Our city this summer had a crisis! it is now time we face the truth in our city so we won’t travel this road again.

The city’s school system has seen some of the lowest graduation rates in the country. If elected, what will be your approach to help improve Richmond Public Schools?

We must target the student in need right away. We must meet their needs and understand and listen to the reason why the graduation rate is low. We must make sure that every high school is in the 21st century. A new high school for John Marshal and Armstrong. Remember a new school brings new attitudes. Our students deserve our best. The Best Schools, principles Teachers, staff, books, computers, opportunities, and community.



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