RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A bill giving undocumented immigrants the opportunity to receive state-based funding for higher education has passed the Virginia House and Senate

Senate Bill 1387, introduced by Senator Jennifer Boysko, passed 21-18 Monday. The House bill was also approved by a 58-42 vote.

The bill states that students who meet the criteria in the Code of Virginia that determines eligibility for in-state tuition, regardless of immigration status, should also be allowed to receive state funding.

Advocates for this bill say that it’s a matter of equity. Governor Ralph Northam has also backed the bill.

The bill asks that students receive the same educational benefits, including access to state financial assistance programs, as any other individual who is eligible for in-state tuition.

Last year, Northam signed Senate Bill 935 into law making in-state tuition a possibility for all students regardless of their immigration status.

Once the bill is signed by Governor Northam, the legislation will go into effect for the Fall 2022 semester.