RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) The Virginia Senate on Tuesday voted 36-3 to pass a bill that would direct the state to remove the statue of Harry F. Byrd, Sr. from the grounds of Capitol Square.

HB 2208, introduced in June 2020 by Del. Jay Jones (D-Norfolk), will head to the desk of Gov. Ralph Northam for his signature. The House of Delegates voted 63-34 to pass the bill back on Jan. 27.

“Racism and its symbols, obvious and subtle, have no place in this new Virginia decade,” Del. Jones said in a statement. “Monuments to segregation, Massive Resistance, and the subjugation of one race below another, such as the Byrd statue, serve only as a reminder of the overt and institutional racism that has and continues to plague our Commonwealth. It’s long past time to bring them down, and I’m proud to be a voice to do just that.”

Byrd, a former governor of Virginia and U.S. Senator, was a known segregationist.