RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin took action on nearly 850 bills approved during the 2022 General Assembly session, signing 700 and vetoing or amending others ahead of a looming deadline.

Youngkin had until midnight to approve, veto or change the bills passed this year. The governor’s office announced Monday that he has signed off on 700 bills and took action on 841 total pieces of legislation.

Measures to increase oversight of the Virginia Parole Board, require local school districts to notify parents if their children are being assigned materials with sexually explicit content, and changes for the state’s election officials are among the bills signed by Youngkin.

“These bills are all bipartisan and we can all be proud that together we’ve taken steps to make life easier for Virginians, make our Commonwealth’s economy more competitive, support law enforcement, protect the most vulnerable among us, increase access to health care, and take necessary steps toward making Virginia’s schools the absolute best in the nation,” Youngkin said in a statement.

One of the bills signed into law changes a rule for bicycles traveling side by side. The measure requires people riding bicycles on a highway to get into a single-file line “as quickly as is practicable when being overtaken from the rear by a faster-moving vehicle” to not impede the flow of traffic.

Many of the measures signed by Youngkin won’t go into effect until July. Any amendments he makes will have to be approved by the General Assembly. You can find all of the bills signed by Youngkin here

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