RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Virginia legislator has introduced legislation that would ban residents from carrying high-capacity rifles and some pistols in public, whether concealed or openly displayed.

The ban, styled as a restriction on “assault weapons” in the summary for SB 918, would apply to any rifle with a magazine holding more than 14 rounds, any gun with a suppressor or folding stock and some semi-automatic or revolving shotguns.

But while Virginians wouldn’t be allowed to walk around with those weapons in public, the bill clarifies that firearm owners would still be allowed to transport them to or from hunting or shooting activities — so long as they’re kept in a locked case.

The bill also expands the definition of assault firearms, lowering the magazine capacity from 20 rounds to 12 and adding semi-automatic shotguns, while creating an exception for “antique firearms.”