RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Political reaction is pouring in following yesterday’s mass shooting near the Altria Theater

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) said it’s too soon to talk about a political solution. 

“We always know that we want to react quickly because we are angry. People are scared. But we need to let the full investigation run its course so then we can take particular actions to address the challenges,” Youngkin told 8News. 

Meanwhile, Democratic State Senator Ghazala Hashmi (District 10) says the state needs to continue to invest in violence prevention measures. 

“So that they have channels and avenues to effectively address the issues that are surrounding them without resorting to retaliation or violence,” explained Hashmi.

Youngkin agreed with Hashmi and said improving behavioral health resources in Virginia remains a top priority. 

“We know the challenges,” said Youngkin. “We have a behavioral health crisis that is overwhelming not just our commonwealth, but our nation.” 

Although she supports stricter gun laws, Hashmi acknowledged in a divided Virginia General Assembly, those types of bills are unlikely to pass. Instead, she said people need to be responsible and lock up their guns. 

“Taking steps like those basic steps which so many other countries have done can help us to reduce the number of gun deaths that we see every day in this country,” said Hashmi.

During this year’s General Assembly session, lawmakers and Youngkin agreed on legislation to provide a $300 tax credit to those who buy gun safes for their homes.