RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmonders voted against the building of the Urban ONE Casino and Resort back in November. Now efforts are in place at the local level to give the casino a second chance and one state legislator has the opportunity to block that plan.

Richmond City Councilwoman Reva Trammell formally introduced a resolution to revive Richmond’s casino referendum on Monday night. Trammell wants to give voters a chance to vote again on Urban ONE’s casino plan for the southside.

One of Trammell’s fellow city councilmembers, Ann Frances Lambert previously told 8News she was open to the idea depending on what her constituents wanted. On Tuesday, she said she would be respecting the wish of voters and not supporting an identical offering from Urban ONE. She does however say she would be open to supporting to a new plan that would provide a funding source for major needs in Richmond.

Meanwhile, State Sen. Joe Morrissey wants Petersburg to have a chance at putting a casino referendum on their local ballot. He has introduced a bill to the General Assembly to try and block Richmond from bringing up the vote again.

If passed, Morrissey’s bill would add Petersburg to the list of eligible host cities for a casino and prohibit a locality from voting on a proposed casino plan within five years of the last referendum.