RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) claimed in an interview on Wednesday that Democrats were cheating in the election and that Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign had been notified. Attorney General Mark Herring, who is also running for reelection, is now calling those claims baseless and asking for proof.

So far through Virginia’s 2021 early voting period, there has not been any reported cheating.

Herring’s office sent Chase a letter repeating her recent quote, “‘I know how Democrats are
cheating, and that information has been given to the Youngkin campaign,'” back to her and then calling for evidence of the alleged fraud.

The letter was signed by Deputy Attorney General for Civil Litigation, Samuel T. Towell.

The letter states that as Attorney General, Herring can take civil action to protect voting rights. Towell goes onto to say the Attorney General’s Office would like to review any evidence Chase has of election fraud, cheating, or misconduct.

In a release to the public, Herring explains that he finds these claims to be unfounded.

“Let’s be clear: these kinds of baseless, false claims are simply designed to undermine confidence in our democracy and our elections,” Herring said. “If Senator Chase has any evidence of cheating or voter fraud then she has an obligation to bring it to the attention of authorities who can do something about it rather than secretively sharing this supposed ‘evidence’ with political allies.”

Youngkin responded to Chase’s statement on Thursday, stating that he has not heard from her about election fraud but believes the election will be fair.

“I believe this election will be fair. I believe this election will come out big time in our favor,” Youngkin said. “We’ve got huge amounts of momentum.” 

His opponent, Democrat and former governor Terry McAuliffe, called the allegations “loony.”

“It’s going to be a huge turnout so they’re already doing this crazy predicate that somehow there is election fraud and it is sad and it is sick,” McAuliffe said.

8News also reached out to Chase for a response, she responded with “stay tuned” and a thumbs up emoji.