Can you still vote if the Virginia Dept. of Elections has labeled you an inactive voter?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — When you checked your voter registration status on the Virginia Department of Elections website, did it say your status was inactive? If so, there’s no need to freak out. You can still cast your ballot in the Virginia 2021 election.

Being labeled as an “inactive voter” doesn’t always have to do with how often you vote. Instead, it could mean that election officials have reason to believe you no longer live at the address they have on file for you – your residence of registration.

A voter who appears to have moved and has not responded to address verification requests from the Virginia Department of Elections is labeled as “inactive.”

Inactive voters are still registered voters and are eligible to vote. An inactive voter can restore their active voter status by simply voting in an election. They can also contact the Virginia Department of Elections to update or confirm their address.

If you show up at the polls and have moved but didn’t update your address, you can still vote using a provisional ballot.

Under certain circumstances, inactive voters could be removed from the Virginia voter registration list if they do not confirm or update their registration and if they do not vote in two consecutive federal elections after they are made inactive. 

Virginia voters can check their registration status here.

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