RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Virginia Department of Elections has sent over 149,000 voter records for local general registrars to process nearly a week before Election Day.

On Monday, the department cited the same voter registration system “computing error” that delayed 107,000 applications submitted through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles earlier this month.

Similar to that delay, the DMV transactions include new registrations, address updates and other changes made between May and September.

The processing delay will force local election administrators and their staff to scramble to process the transactions to see whether a person is eligible to vote during an already busy time.

The Department of Elections found the 149,000 unprocessed voter registration transactions after reviewing the system when several people tried to vote but didn’t have updated information.

All affected voters, the department said Monday, were able to cast a ballot because their local registrars were able to update their information onsite.

“I am very grateful for the vigilance of Virginia’s general registrars in quickly surfacing concerns during early voting,” Susan Beals, Virginia’s Elections Commissioner, said in a statement Monday. “With information from local officials, ELECT’s IT professionals were able to scour the election system data to identify the additional transactions for processing.”

The Department of Elections said it has offered to assist local general registrars who request help processing the transactions.

Virginians can take advantage of same-day voter registration, which allows people to register after the Oct. 17 deadline but requires them to cast a provisional ballot.

“I’m pleased that all affected voters are able to vote and that anyone with questions or concerns can reach out to us directly so that we may assist them as we near Election Day,” Beals continued.

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