RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Election Commissioner Susan Beales gave an evening update on the state of voting across the commonwealth.

Despite issues in some Central Virginia localities in the morning, the Department of Elections told 8News that they believe the election went smoothly for millions of Virginia’s registered voters.

The morning’s issues arose from electronic poll books that weren’t working properly. Some locations were forced to switch to paper poll books instead.

“What we have found over the course of the day, is that some of those were user error,” Beales said. “I believe there were some that were related to vendors but we are in contact with those individual localities to see about working those out.”

These technical difficulties prompted a court order calling for voting deadlines to be extended in Suffolk and Nottoway counties.

“[In Suffolk], after a consultation between the judge and the members of the local electoral board, voting was extended for 20 minutes at this particular precinct,” Beales said.

In Nottoway, the decision to extend voting until 8 p.m. was granted — only to be later rescinded by that same judge.

“For purposes of uniformity and purity of elections which is what the code says our job is — as the Department of Elections — we felt that based on the facts, the board voted to go ahead and ask the [Attorney General] to challenge that,” Beales said.

Counties in the metro Richmond area saw similar issues — causing longer wait times for voters. Despite these delays, however, precincts throughout Central Virginia told 8News they had seen a large voter turnout across the board.

This aligns with the record number of registered voters reported in Virginia, totaling 6.1 million people. Before election day, 940,000 of those voters voted early.

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