Virginia voters look ahead to Super Tuesday: ‘You don’t want to put too much faith in one single poll’

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Super Tuesday, the most important day on the Democratic primary calendar, is just days away. More than a dozen states will hold primaries with more than 1,300 delegates at stake and Virginia is considered a battleground state.

The latest poll out Friday from Christopher Newport University puts former Vice President Joe Biden ahead but when 8News averaged all the polls to date, Senator Bernie Sanders has a slight lead. However, 8News political analyst Rich Meagher cautions reading too much into any poll.

“You don’t want to put too much faith in one single poll because, sampling error. It’s hard, it’s harder than ever to poll these days because people don’t have land lines, people are on the move,” he explained.

Meagher says the science of polling is a difficult these days. He told 8News it’s hard to tell who is actually going to come out to vote.

“We are not entirely sure whether a bunch of new voters are going to vote in the upcoming primary,” Meagher said. “We have had that problem with a bunch of times in Virginia with this kind of blue wave, lots of Democrats are energized.”

Plus, what happens in Saturday’s South Carolina primary could factor into Super Tuesday. Meagher says Biden is predicted to win with Sanders in second but what if there are surprises?

Meagher questions, “What if Biden really has a dramatically strong showing? What if somebody else has a second-place finish?”

One takeaway Meagher sees from the tight polling in Virginia that is putting Biden, Sanders and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg all in range suggests voters keep changing their minds.

They’re trying to determine who is most electable, best to beat President Donald Trump and good for the party. And Meagher says they don’t always come up with the same answer.

Regardless, he thinks it’s safe to say turnout will be high for a primary.

“Democrats are energized to vote they are disturbed by the direction the country has taken their chief number one priority is to get Donald Trump out of office,” Meagher told 8News.

Fourteen candidates will be listed on the Democratic presidential ballot in Virginia including six people who have suspended their campaigns. The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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