CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Republican Sen. Amanda Chase announced on Facebook today that she will now be seeking the nomination for governor as an independent.

Chase says that she has come to this decision after the Republican Party of Virginia decided to use a convention method instead of a primary election. Chase explains in her statement that she feels running as an independent is the only way “to bypass the political constituents and the Republican establishment elite who slow play the rules or even cheat grassroots candidates.”

The senator plans to start collecting signatures to get her name on the ballot for governor in January.

Former House Speaker Kirk Cox also released a statement following the party’s decision to use a convention to choose their nomination for governor. Cox says that he has been committed to becoming the republican candidate for governor regardless of the nomination method chosen. He says that he will not share his personal preference on the method chosen because he doesn’t think “declared candidates should put their thumb on the scale.”

Cox in on Chase’s decision to run as an independent instead. He said her “antics” have become “tiresome.”

“Her threat to run as an independent is based solely on the fact that she knows principled, conservative Republicans will never tolerate the demagogue she has become,” Cox said.