RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia lawmakers are returning to the capitol for a special session that will decide the future of the state’s budget.

The goal is for the House and Senate to pass a two-year state budget.

After adjourning in early March, Governor Glenn Youngkin called on state lawmakers to wrap up unfinished business from this year’s general assembly session.

Each chamber’s spending plan regarding tax cuts is nearly $3 billion apart.

The House of Delegates approved a budget that would double the state’s standard deduction, eliminate the 2.5% sales tax on groceries and personal hygiene products, suspend the five-cent-per gallon gas tax hike for a year and exempt $40,000 of military retirement benefits from income taxes.

The senate’s plan supports cutting the grocery tax but keeps the 1% local option component of sales tax.

They also agreed to give a tax exemption of military pensions but not $40,000 dollars.

Governor Youngkin also wants to temporarily suspend the state’s 26-cent gas tax for 90 days. If the emergency legislation is approved by the General Assembly during the special session, Youngkin said it will take effect immediately.

Lawmakers gavel into the special session at noon. Stay with 8news for updates.